Progressive Labs was started by an individual that has been working in both the consumer and commercial electronics industries for the last 35 years. Having worked for several video display manufacturers in the large screen television industry including Kloss, NEC, Projectiondesign, and Barco we have a wealth of experience with video projectors! We provide one of the largest assortments of OEM replacement lamps available for most major projector models at competitive prices. We also provide generic lamps for a large number of projectors where an OEM lamp is not available. Progressive Labs sells products only from the most respected manufacturers in the industry such as Osram, Phoenix, Philips, and Ushio.

We are committed to providing the lowest prices in the USA, and the best warranty available for an unmatched customer shopping experience!

If you require a DLP or LCD part not listed on our website, please send us an email at progressivelabs@verizon.net, or give us a call at (212) 254-3541, with the part number or any reference numbers found on the actual lamp and we'll try and help you locate the part.

Our Products

Epson Replacement Lamps product ELPLP55
Price: $50.90

Epson Replacement Lamps


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Canon Projector Lamps product LV-LP30
Price: $57.40

Canon Projector Lamps


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NEC Projector Lamps product NP01LP
Price: $143.20

NEC Projector Lamps


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Boxlight Projector Lamps product XD17K-930
Price: $113.00

Boxlight Projector Lamps


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Sanyo Projector Lamps product POA-LMP129
Price: $125.00

Sanyo Projector Lamps


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Benq Projector Lamps product 5J.Y1C05.001
Price: $119.80

Benq Projector Lamps


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