Decluttering with the Help of Digital Music Files

If you have a massive collection of CDs and they are cluttering up your home you should seriously consider opting for a digital music database. It will help you to organize your collection in the following ways:  

1.    It Can Help Remove the Clutter From Your House
Thousands of CD’S lying all over the place can leave you hard-pressed for space. Apart from that, it is very difficult to compartmentalize and categorize your collection. Sometimes, dedicated audiophiles enjoy listening to their CDs and rely on their memory to find the right title.

A major problem with a manual sorting system is that even if you place even one CD in the wrong rack you might throw your whole collection out of kilter.

Sometimes, placing all of your precious CDs together means that it can even take hours before you are finally able to find the album you want.  Apart from that, all those towering racks and shelves give a very cluttered look to your home.   However, a digital music library will ensure that you will be able to store these CDs in the attic or the garage.

2.    Ease of Access

If you have a varied collection that includes everything from classical opera to rock and roll you are out of luck. This holds particularly true if all of your CDs are randomly stored on your shelves without any order. In such a case accessing that one CD can become a major hassle.

However, ripping your CDs into a digital music collection can ease this problem thanks to the meta details present on the tracks. You can insert a query and your favorite track will pop up within seconds.

3.    Your Collection Will Be More Safe and Secure

Your digital music library will be completely impervious to fingerprints, smudge marks, and scratches. This means that you won’t have to strain to listen to WAV CD files that have lost their data. Best of all, you can make as many copies as you like on multiple memory sticks and hard drives. You can even load all of your files on the cloud so that you will never lose your music.

4.    CD Ripping Is an Extremely Safe and Easy Process

It is possible to convert even a very large CD collection into a digital library within three days, at most. Most of the professional music CD ripping outfits also offer pick and drop services.

We at Progressive Labs have cutting edge equipment designed to take excellent care of all of your CD ripping needs. We use state of the art industry-leading dbpoweramp software for the conversion process and make sure that the conversion is perfectly seamless.

We will return your CDs to you along with your brand new digital music library. This way, you will be able to listen to quality music anytime and anywhere you like. Just give us a call and you can rest assured that we will take care of everything else.