We have been ripping CD’s since 2010 (Ten Years).
We convert your CD collection into a lossless file based system ie FLAC or ALAC (other formats available) and return it to you typically within a 72 hour turnaround time. We include editing of the ripped CD’s and high resolution cover art for each title.
We have been ripping CD’s for over ten years now and have gained a significant amount of experience in this time processing collections containing everything from classic rock, jazz, blues, classical, and opera. We use the best software in the industry (dbpoweramp) and it runs on our state of the art computerized ripstations providing “bit perfect” accurate rips of every track that we process! Our metadata is second to none as we utilize data from GD3, Discogs, Musicbrainz, Freedb, and Sonatadb for classical music.
Our price is $1.00 per CD (when shipped to us in a Cake box) for lossless CD ripping (FLAC, ALAC) other files types may be specified by the customer such as MP3, WAV, WMA, AIFF. A secondary format may be selected when placing your order for $.25 per CD.
We will bill you only for the CD’s which are ripped and provide an exact count once the project has been completed.
We recommend that you select a “lossless” audio format such as FLAC or ALAC (Apples lossless format) for the highest quality sound reproduction. The file sizes are larger than lossy formats such as MP3 and require more storage space. However for the typical collection, the drive space required is trivial and inexpensive!
We can install files on a HD, flash, SD, NAS. We can provide storage for files to be installed on for customers for an additional fee, or use ones provided to us with the collection. There is a $.25 per disc surcharge for CD’s provided in Jewel Cases.
We charge an additional $.25 per CD to process CD’s shipped to us in Jewel cases or binders. Shipping costs are also greatly reduced by removing CD’s from the jewel cases and placing them in a cakebox as they may then be shipped via USPS as MediaMail at a greatly reduced rate.
We can process collections which are 1000 CD’s or less in 72 hours or less not including shipping time.
Typical drive space required for 1,000 Redbook CD’s takes 250GB of space. This means that you could install the entire collection on anything from a thumb drive to a small portable hard drive with a cost from $20.00 to $50.00.
Our office is located in New York, NY. For our address see our “Contact Page”.