Call Us!

Give us call to discuss your project and we will review your options to save your music in the lossless format of your choice or MP3 for your home, car, or portable system.   We will help you select the best type of storage for your application as well.

Automated Ripping

Our state of the art automated robots run dbpoweramp which is the finest software made for bit-perfect Accurate Rips of your CD’s.   Our robots connect with GD3 providing the most accurate metadata available.

Hand Inspected

Each file is verified using the dbpoweramp “Accurate Rip” database to ensure bit perfect accurate copies.   We manually correct any errors including missing artwork to insure that your files are complete!

Files Installed

Your collection can be installed on a variety of different storage types such as flash drive, USB drive, or NAS.  We can use a drive which you provide us with or we can purchase one for you.  Your CD collection will be returned to you in your provided jewel cases or spindles along with the drive.  You are invoiced only for successfully ripped discs and will be invoiced once the job is completed.