Do You Need Your CDs Ripped? Call In The Experts Today!

If you own a very large and extensive music CD collection, it is high time you start thinking about digitizing your CDs.  However, you should only call in the true-blue experts to help convert the CDs into very high-quality digital music files. This is the best possible way to enjoy your music on the go. Apart from that, you will be able to reduce the data present in your thousands of CDs to the size of a single memory stick, portable hard drive or card. 

Here, it is very important to realize that this is most definitely not a DIY project and you should not attempt the task on your own.  Apart from the glitches in the data transfer system, you will have to contend with a whole host of different formats and using the wrong one can have tragic consequences for your entire CD library.

For example, using a lossy format such as the popular MP3 system will mean a steady erosion of the pristine quality of your audio data. While you will be able to stuff plenty of songs in a very small space, you will lose many of the top notes, that were clearly discernible in the original WAV files. In short, it won’t be possible to enjoy your high-quality WAV audio files the way you used to, before the conversion. 

This is the part where top-notch professional CD ripping outfits come into the picture. These people usually opt for the FLAC lossless format for their conversions.  The main benefit of FLAC and other similar formats is that they don’t sacrifice data over compression. This way, you can easily enjoy the best of both worlds. In short, a compressed file that plays as good as your CD. The key difference is that the FLAC file is less than half the size of the WAV file present in the CD.  What better way to continue to enjoy your CD collection while shrinking it to the size of a portable drive?

As a general rule, ripping your CD collection requires a lot of time and work and your computer system will be heavily occupied during that period of time.  This means you won’t be able to use it for anything else. Apart from that, you will have to rip your CDs one by one. Moreover, any breaks in the ripping process can easily lead to an error on the digital music file, effectively rendering the whole exercise useless.  And repeating this exercise on thousands of CDs is almost impossible because of time constraints.


We at Progressive Labs have cutting edge equipment to perform this delicate process. Once you hand us your CD collection, you will be over and done with the whole thing in three days at most. Just give us a call and we will use the most advanced software and hardware to digitize your CDs. At the same time, we will also make sure that your original CDs remain perfectly safe and sound.