Why You Should Consider Digitizing Your CD Collection

For the dedicated audiophile, there are few things as important as the sound of a WAV file in a compact disc. In fact, their invention led to a major revolution in the way people listen to music, especially when compared to other audio formats.

Records and audio cassettes used to lose their quality and purity over time, due to frequent usage. On the other hand, the class one laser operated compact disc continued to give the same breathtakingly clear music, regardless of how many times you listened to a single track. This is why music enthusiasts shifted from analog audio formats to CDs and methodically increased their collections. However, just as the CD sounded the death knell of the audio cassette, it too has now been overtaken by technology.

1.    It Will Help Save Your Living Space

The huge CD collections became increasingly more difficult to maintain as they clogged up more and more living space. Apart from that, most laptops, audio systems, and car entertainment system makers have now stopped producing CD players. Yes, you can continue to play your CDs on your legacy systems, but for how long? Eventually, the daily wear and tear will take its toll and you won’t be able to get your CD players repaired. Apart from that, CDs can be damaged, lost or broken.

The simple fact is that the CD is now slowly but surely destined to go the way of its analog audio counterparts. 

However, this certainly does not mean that you should switch to the MP3 format and squeeze all of your precious CD collection into a single memory card. Many CD ripping service providers are now using FLAC lossless format to digitize CDs, so that they will remain safe for posterity.

1.    Digitized Music Is Every Bit as Good as Your Original CDs.

The main advantage of using the FLAC lossless format is that you won’t have to worry about losing out on the higher notes that were clearly discernible in your CD collection. FLAC does not sacrifice quality over quantity and retains almost exactly the same sound level as the original WAV file present in your CDs. However, it substantially reduces the size of the old file so that it can be transferred into a memory stick, hard drive or even a simple memory card.

2.    Easy Access to Meta-Data Files

Another really great advantage of digitizing CDs is that you won’t have to remember where each and every CD is, and the names and numbers of the albums, tracks, and artists. A professional CD ripping service provider will take the metadata from your CD or alternately, get it from the internet. It will be added to every album and track so that you would be able to go through your digital audio library and find whatever you want, within seconds. This means you won’t have to spend hours looking for any specific CD in your collection.

Here, it is very important to only trust your precious CD collection to highly skilled and experienced professionals. Trying to rip your CDs on your own can cause you to lose many precious tracks. You can contact us here for a fast and dependable solution for all your CD ripping needs.